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Olivia Delhostal/Marie Delcroix
80, rue Taitbout 75009 Paris
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olivia.delhostal@modds.fr, marie.delcroix@modds.fr

Biography :
Born in 1974 in Créteil, France
He lives and works in Paris.
After following medical studies and becoming a dental surgeon, he turned to photography in 2004. He regularly works for french and international press magazines, does assignments in portraits, fashion and advertising. In parallel to this work, he develops personal projects, where the real adorned with signs opens to symbolic and sensitive interpretations
Metal Magazine

In 2015 he takes part of Les Rencontres internationales de la Photographie, Arles. His series "Bienvenue", consists of making a film about a woman who travels the daily spaces of a modern city. Then the artist extracts photograms to invent a new story, unexpected, intimate and poetic. Solo exhibition during Arles in Commandery Sainte Luce.

In 2017, he published Milky Way at Libraryman, a series of photographs of his partner and their baby during the six months of breastfeeding. This book was widely praised by the international press and the series was the subject of several selections at festivals (Athens Photo Festival 2018, Hamburg Photography Triennial 2018, OFF Bratislava 2020, Deichtorhallen Hamburg 2021).
The New Yorker
Arte journal

In 2018, he published Visitor at Libraryman, a photographic portrait of seventeen women artists working in their studio in Paris.
British Journal of Photography

In 2019, he published Iconography, 25 figures of Jeanne Damas at Libraryman. Done with Jeanne Damas, a so called successful "It girl-model-businesswoman" who embodies many modern facets of a feminine ideal, the series is a study that explains as much as it questions the rules that structure the standard of beauty.
American Suburb X

In 2020, he publishes Every-Day at Libraryman. Every-day is a series of photographs of transgender or non-binary people seized in their privacy, during a simple but key event, that of getting ready, in front of your mirror, to leave your home. Booklet Text by curator Joël Riff

In 2021, upcoming exhibition at Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Allemagne
Milky Way series part of Family Affairs
Deichtorhallen Hamburg/ House der Photographie Curator Ingo Taubhorn